The Pain of silence

Sometimes you just wanna scream, tell the world what's going on inside. But u cant. U cant tell cause that will hurt so many and you will gain nothing. So you keep quiet but what does that achieve for you, nothing but pain and constant misery.
You wish you could tell everyone how you've been betrayed, hurt and smashed to pieces. You wish you could tell them how you feel so broken inside and how you cant find a single reason to go on living.
You wish you could tell them that everything you ever held dear to you was a lie. You wish you could tell them that you've been betrayed by the single person in the world that you thought could never do that to you.
You wish that you could tell them that the notion of family and bonding that you had was shattered at the alter of reality.
You wish you could tell them that you want out but cant get out cause you love someone too much to put a life at stake for yours.
What can one do?
Tell everyone that day by day his existence is eaten away... and soon he will be nothing more then a living dead body.

What is that fear that keeps on haunting me
why is that fire that keeps on burning me


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