Emancipation of ME

I just want to know when will the cycle end ... is there any hope left ...I am stuck and cant get out it seems like there is no end to what i am going through. It was not like this in the begining ...
The begining was beautiful it was the dew on the soft morning flowers. It was like no other feeling that ever was. I wonder how things are lost so easily. How anything can change and one cant do a thing to stop it.
I know that time heals wounds ... but I dont want the wounds healed ...
I am not sure what I want anymore... nothing is that important anymore... its just a mare existance ... since I exist so I must go on... So I am told again and again ... where ever I go. Why ?
I wonder... how would it be if it were not a sin to .... end it all.
I wish there was someone ...
Sometimes I wonder what would I change in my life so that it would become meaningful and find no answer... it seems nothing is of any meaning to me anymore ...


Me:) said…
this is called the momentum of life. You thinking that your life does not have value will help you improve your life. Your feelings on the errors you make help you correct them. Your thoughts on your failures lead to successes.

Just try to imagine a world of no issues, of everything so perfect, of you doing an ultimate value-life and you believing so.. God you should be at the height of pride thay you fall down in full length or you are at your sweetest moment of death.

The current situation is a reason for your life. Why else prophet Muhammad (sa) used to soak himself in tears begging for forgiveness?
Cybegeek said…
I guess there is someone ... who reads what I write... Thanks this gives a great boost to me.
Anonymous said…
my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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