The Afterlife

I guess... there was no death and this is the afterlife cause I am still breathing. That's life isn't it ? We say that a person is alive when he breaths...
But still how we live a life does matter... Does it ?
Lemme tell you a story. Its about a person who was alive. Why because that person was meant to be that way. That person always wanted to know why ? Sometimes he thought he knew the answer and sometimes he didn't.
He often wondered what is real truth.. isn't that something that a person can only know after death... then why wait. Why not end it all thus knowing all... but he was afraid ... afraid of the rules that he was sure were real.
So he decided to take another path... the path that he was always told would lead him to his goal.
so he is walking... on a road on which the end is promised to be his ultimate wish to be one with the truth...
will he ever reach there when on every turn there are signs to mislead him ...
he zigzags across minefields of deceit and rejection...
he makes his way while the burdens of his guilt and horrors of his betrayal drag him back...
betrayal ... a word that can sum up a story.
in the end what awaits him.
Life or Death or life in death ... The Afterlife.


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