First job at MTA Pakistan

It was late 2000 I think my mother had just passed away in september and I was also a newly wed. At that time I was jobless and doing small jobs like making dvds vcds or editing wedding movies. Which I didn't like at all cause that meant doing editing typical desi paki style which I hate. Anyway in this regard I was known in rabwah that this guy knows something about video. So one day I got a call from MTA Pak that they wanted help in some NLE job. So I went and then never stopped going. Worked for almost three years as a volnteer untill I got a job there.

My first major job at MTA was the Holy Quran Project. I took me and my team took about 2 years to finish the complete Quran and its translation.Two sets were made from a single project one quran tilawat only and second with urdu translation. The whole thing was a complicated accumilation of different parts. For example the audio was analouge had to be captured the cleaned of all noise and then treated. That alone took a day or two then all of the ayats would have to separated and made into separate slides here different ppl volnteers came in I made them the first template and then they would do the work on their own in photoshop.

After that these slides would go into the project and would be placed one by one according to the ayats order. It was not hard work cause we were working on a set template but it was repetitive and tedious. So... its the Quran Recitation that is aired on MTA daily. Alhamdolilah. It took more then two years almost 10 or more ppl worked on it. Most notible are Fuzail Sahib, Ammar, Jariullah, Rizwan and Rohan there a few others as volnteer came on and off but my memory fails me at their names. So this was my first project at mta. My first son was born during this project and I think I was a grace of God cause we were having problems before I joined MTA.


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