Going to Lahore

Yeah going to Lahore for a wedding with family,.. really gives me the creeps. No not the wedding the situation of Pakistan I fear for my kids for my family being hurt. I try all kinds of things to calm my self but I am a worrying person I worry about any and everything. I cant be with children I worry too much they might fall might be hurt this way or that.

Will update via twitter. Yeah its been long since I've posted anything here its partly due to the reason that I was working two jobs and was too busy and tired to do anything, now I've quit that job and have lots and lots of free time. And yes I will write about that episode of my life in detail too... Since Im not an employee anymore I would like to mention a few assholes I meet along the way...

I got a job offer the other day but for that I would have to go to lahore and leave MTA and I've made my mind that if I am to live in Pakistan Rabwah is the safest place to be (Alhamdolilah)

Doing a project for MTA these days which involves lots and lots of graphics. So simple project but sooo much work. Its Yasulnal Quran. A program to teach the kids how to read the Quran. It was a challenge to be as traditional as I could still giving it some touches that made it fresh and New. I don't know if I succeeded or not. Im thinking about writing a post about it in my MTA-Expanse blog but who reads these things. Nobody has time these days. Who cares for an obscure graphics designer who even designed the logo thats on every wall and table where it should be nobody knows the name.


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