Ramblings of a grumpy young old guy

These days its become too mechanical. Get up get ready do your chores come home eat sleep. I guess this is what they want us to be ... slaves to time.

The strange thing which happened for 2 days now is that the drastic electric outage is over now...(I hope)

Its the coming of age thing, realizing that your not young anymore, some deny it some wear the new suite of responsibility with pride and some like him HIDE.

Hiding in the past, the future in myths or in religion.

He is envious of the rest of them ... all of them get to do things He never could or would or should. He with his twisted maybe accurate sense of right and wrong could never do all of that ... but why... He is not special maybe worse in some ways... why would a pathetic looser like him would go to all that trouble...

He hates their laughter he finds it hollow, maybe in it whats inside him that he hears.


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