This is a Happy Post

Sometimes we want to be happy don't we. I heard somewhere if you do things that are happy you will start to feel happy so here is my happy post … ….. nope doesn't work. its all bullshit no one is really happy in this world and never can be. Sometimes due to our own doings and sometimes due to the pathetic things people do to you. No matter what you do you cant be happy ever.

Were all screwed from the moment were born … and come to think of it we enter this world not happy but crying … a preview of things to come! 

You see I'm sick of this world. I really am I really don't like it. What's the point really. I really don't want to go into the religious part of it cause well I have no answer I'm still searching and I don't want to offend the Big boss if you know what I mean.

They say man couldn't survive in a perfect world we need our miseries and the things we do to other people to hurt them and the words we say. Can the words I'm sorry can take back the pain you have inflicted upon me ….

I never forget … ever. I don't hold grudges but never forget either.


Anonymous said…
if this is meant to be a happy post then i wonder what your angry ones are like..
Cybegeek said…
this is just a teaser!

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