How I started writing

For as long as I can remember I loved stories... the school library, the stories daddy used to bring from Lahore or karachi, Tarzan, Imran Rehan Series, Nonehal, Sherlock Holmes etc. etc. I even wrote one sci-fi story when I was in 4th or 5th class. Then there were the aural story sessions in the recess time in school, a bunch of my friends would gather around and listen to my stories... and these were spontaneous on the spot creations I would just ask them where did the story end and then start from there...

In high school I was more into poetry then writing stories and stuff. I would never claim my self to be a poet or a writer though... its just release...  I really wish to write something profound but I dunno ...

I started writing blog like notes in a program called Holonote in 2000 most of that stuff I used here and there in my blog when I started blogging... but much of it remains hidden cause well ... I just cant put that here... its too personal a thing.

So if the reader has made it till this line then I guess he really likes me or has a lot of time on his hands...

I do miss my old school (Nasir Kinder Garden) friends Don't know what there doing now... the Only one who kept in touch was Ali Imran who has made a great life of himself and I pray Allah always keeps him happy. We were a group of 3 Ali Me and Saima... it was 5th grade so don't get any wrong ideas...

The very first school friend I ever made was Saqib. I don't even remember his face now... he went to germany in 3rd Grade. I didn't even remember his name for a very long time but then it came to me one day.

As far as I recall Ali was the biggest fan of my stories ... he left in 5th grade but we always kept in touch.

It has happened to me all my life ... whenever I made a friend, he went somewhere else... Saqib, Ali Imran, Mamoon Rasheed, Hidayatullah Ahsen,  Mirza Rehan, and Rehan Rajpoot. Shoiab, Imran Aamir, Kamran

so ... Im stuck here with none of my friends ... the only outlet I have left is my blog, twitter and facebook.

there... now you know why I write stuff and when I started writing...
Happy now...

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