Wedding Discussions

So here I am with the account of the wedding... well this weddings been all about one person really whenever we sat to talk the conversation boiled down to this one person ... What this person did or would do or didn't do... hehehe... I know that this person is real pain in the ....  but I don't understand the constant need to discuss it with others ... and since I've known from experience that people only discuss something about others with you to gather your reaction and then they use what you said to incite the other and then take enjoyment in seeing you two fight...

Thats why I mostly stay away from these kinds of discussions cause I know that nobody is really sincere with you, everyone is in it for some kind of need and once that need is satisfied your ancient history buddy...

well about the wedding ... it was the usual as wedding go in Pakistan although it was more taxing for me cause my participation was from both sides...


Bessy Espina said…
good point. :) i must say... in the most honest terms, that some people only talk to you when they need you. i take that from experience. but i always pray that you will meet good people in your life inshaAllah, as you have been a good person to me.

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