Think Rethink

We as pakistanis are going through some pretty rough times not a day goes by when something even worse than the day before doesn't happen. Trying to make sense of this mess is equally disturbing resulting in confusion and all kinds of wild theories.

It's very easy to point the finger at someone else and place the blame but complex issues such as what plague our country cannot have simple answers. The answers are intertwined with our history and can only be achieved through unbiased objective thinking.

The term revolution is heard over and over again mounting to frustration that there isn't one happening in Pakistan any time soon which is ironically a blessing cause a revolution without a clear and well defined objective and without the proper education of the masses will be disastrous for Pakistan.

Pakistani revolutionary movements tend to be highjacked by those who have their own agendas. It's the people who must spearhead the change no political party or organization in Pakistan has the vision to lead such an uprising, no amount of dharnas will bring any change.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what are the root causes of this turmoil. It stems from the very first mistake we made as a nation when we let the religious hate mongers interfere with the matters of the state.

Sadly these elements and their ideology is so entrenched in our society now that we don't even realize that its going against the very fundamental teachings of Islam.

Here is the dilemma. It might already be too late, we ignored the plight of who were suffering for too long, thinking at least it's not us but by doing that we strengthened the hands which now choke us.

Now whoever speaks the truth is silenced. We are numb and don't feel anything anymore no insult is bad enough to jog our collective national pride.We dwell on small issues ignoring the beast that's about to devour us.

There is only one way to fight darkness and thats with the light of knowledge, our teachers and thinkers, scholars and who ever has a voice must not keep quiet now. This is the last effort we will ever make before history will decide our fate.


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