Pakistan, think!

Precious lives are lost everyday, murder mayhem and lawlessness. Whose to blame here? A friend says that its God's way of cleaning up. Someone says its insensitive to say that but I say we made this world, we made this country the way it is. No regard for laws, morality and human life.

Why cry then, why lament on the loss. Yes we will talk about it ... for a day or two but then we got more pressing issues ...

Whats a life's worth in Pakistan? What did we do about any attacks on Pakistani people, what about near Hundred slaughtered in Garhi Shaho in the name of faith and religion, Ahmadi they na! Who cares as long as your safe in your living rooms but God cares and he watches us and punishes our wrong doings, He gives us time to realize our mistakes and repent and if we don't then we invite his punishment.

Some among us are beginning to realize that whatever is happening in Pakistan is out of control chaos and some are saying that its God's wrath. Some justify this wrath by saying that well its because we've degraded so much as society that we deserve Gods punishment but why don't we open our eyes to see that maybe its because we are disobeying Allah's wishes. We haven't even verified or even bothered to check for our selves the claims Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadian Made. We do what our Mullas want us to do.

Some even say that we as a society have degraded so much that we rival or even surpass the darkness and ignorance that was in the Arabs of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) time but they fail to listen to what he said that at the end of times a Messiah will come and true to his word he has come but what do we do? We reject him ... we do to him and his followers exactly what Kufar-Makkah did to Mohammad (PBUH) and his followers. Which by the way was one of the ways that the prophet said you would recognize their truth.

We have no thought of our own. There is always a possibility that we are wrong and someone else is right. We should at least check for our selves instead of blindly following the Mulla. Most of them are pedophiles and Jahil Ullema anyway, who do this as a profession. They don't care about what they preach or teach as long as its gets them Halva. There using their status to rule the common man and they know that their wrong but if they accept then there false rule goes with that.

Pakistanis as Muslims, in theory follow every aspect of Islam, Do the Hajj, give Zakat and the mosques are filled with prayers. then Why is this happening to us?

I'll Put this straight for you. This is happening to Pakistan because Pakistani's are refusing to accept Allah's will. He has sent a Prophet who is the Servant of Mohammad (PBUH) and works under his name and protection. Events like this will continue to happen until Pakistani's realize their mistake and accept Allah's will.


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