Silent Death (The consequences of silence)

I stopped following Pakistani news media long time ago and whenever I am forced to endure some media pundit's sermon my views are reinforced. There were a few which I thought were better then the pack but soon it dawned on me that they were also no different and not in it for the truth.

When I was studying tv journalism, one of our teachers who had been an MD for PTV plainly told us that there is no such thing as a fair and unbiased media and in an environment like Pakistan where news is bought and sold with the presenters, its foolish to expect fair and objective reporting. Still one hopes and wants to believe that there are a few who would dare to speak the truth and channels who would dare to air them.

These last days have seen a drastic increase in the incidents of Anti Ahmadiyya violence and rhetoric. One person murdered another shunned from society, someone looses his job or some students are expelled, keep on repeating over and over again but no one dares to speak out and what is spoken or written, is there as news items to spice up the newspapers circulation which also serves to mold public perceptions towards even more hatred and violence.

No mention of the pain inflicted, no mention of the lives destroyed, no mention of the horror of the children when a teacher is shot infront of them in their class room just because he choose a religion and to top it all off school students will be required to put religion on their roll number slips reminding us that any society can turn fascist when it forgets its core beliefs and blindly follows whoever has the flag.

I expect no voice of concern from the media, even those who present themselves as bastions of morality, wearing flags on their suits reciting anthems proclaiming to be different from the rest. They are silent and don't even acknowledge even after being contacted and presented with the facts and yet the very same, lament on the degradation of society and its cold heartedness.

This is hypocrisy from the very root of society to the top.

I am not writing this to get sympathy or raise awareness cause frankly I dont expect any from a mass of people, who happen to live in a place which is called Pakistan, which I refuse to call a nation anymore, because for being a Nation there must be some values and principals, sadly all of that was forgotten with everything else that the Quaid envisioned and hoped Pakistan would be, whats left is morally dead and corrupt society at every level having not even an ounce of humanity and human decency.

I am writing this for the future generations, so they know how their ancestors ruined themselves ignoring the voices which tried to warn them about the deep hole they were digging themselves into, which was leading them straight to their own annihilation.


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