How long before they come for you?

For what its worth all a persecuted man can do is try to reason, try to explain that what you're doing in the name of God has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, try to appeal to the one thing that binds us all, humanity, to stop the barbarity, stop the hatred before it consumes everything... that the path Pakistan is being forced to take will lead to its destruction. No matter how many times I try, they still murder my brothers. I force my self to be calm cause I don't believe that my resorting to violence is the solution but that does not mean that I don't feel anger ...

I do... I feel rage and that rage turns to tears when I pray...

I pray that may Allah crush to a paste those who murder in the name of God and those who help them. I have a firm belief that Allah listens to the prayers of those who are in pain and who are the persecuted.

One might think that this prayer is just a cry of someone who is weak and worthless but beware if you close your eyes or look the other way while they murder my brothers, you become a part of that act and will bear the consequences.

I am not going to state facts here cause they don't make a difference on your conscience. 

I ask you how long before they come for you?

Their religion is to kill whomever that does not believe in their version of Islam and after they have killed all of us they will come for you. How will you save yourself then ?

Will you care as you sit there idly by cheering your favorite game or cursing at the news of the latest increase in the electricity price but you don't do anything... do you know why? because your all dead... dead of mind, dead of soul, devoid of any human decency and humanity. Whats happening to you is your own making, cause the ones who are doing this to you are within yourself & you deserve every bit of it.

You talk about changing the system. But you never will, cause this system works for you. You love bribing the police to grab a poor farmers land. You talk about human rights and rights of others only when it suits you or when you think it will give you more followers. You select your morality talking on some issues and keeping silent on others.

I am sick of your duality. You have put on your heads blood thirsty Mullah that preach violence and hatred towards fellow men and you call your self Muslims? You don't feel shame or remorse or a tinge of  pain when you hear the news of someone being murdered but cry when the price of oil goes up cause all you care about it yourself and the things you can buy.

Islam! do you know the meaning of the word... let me translate for you. It means peace and safety.
Peace..Safety what a laugh!

You pay Qari's to wake up early and recite the Quran at your shops while you sleep cause you were up late doing all the things Quran says not to do. You don't worship Allah the almighty... you worship your Mullah, he is your master and he is the one who owns your soul. Why? because you never cared to learn Islam for yourself and blindly believe whatever the peer o murshad says and the Mullah also loves it cause this keeps his business booming.

Yes neatly packaged and gift wrapped Islam, thats what you want don't you. The Islam which does not ask you to raise a voice for the persecuted and the cruelty they face. The Islam in which you can lie, cheat and do whatever you like and still get the blessing from the bearded bigot. You don't want the Islam, which said that killing a single person is like killing the whole of humanity, Huh humanity? 

You don't even have the word in your vocabulary!

So keep on going... cause there is no turning back now... this road takes you to your annihilation and you love it.

O who are the oppressors! Beware of the wrath of Allah the Almighty which is swift and without mercy. 


I wrote the lines above when two of my Ahmadi brothers were Murdered in Nawabshah in February of 2012 Murdered in the name of God. Now yet another Ahmadi brother gets martyred as he was leaving a cemetery after praying for martyred Ahmadi Muslims.

Dr Mahdi Ali, a US cardiologist, went to Pakistan to give free healthcare to people of all faiths, martyred for his faith. Dr Mahdi Ali was murdered in front of his wife and 2 year old son, he also leaves behind a 5 year old son and a 17 year old son. It feels like I cant write any more... 

when I know words don't matter and these people will not listen to reason and have no fear of Allah's wrath.

How pathetic a nation which allows murderers to roam free. Shame on you Pakistan! you have no guilt or remorse... this great man came to your country to help your people and you martyred him.


Update: How many times will I keep updating this post, how many times will I be ignored, the burning of a husband & wife, the torching of Ahmadi house in Gujranwala resulting in the death of mother and her children and now the tragedy in Peshawar, what does it take for someone to wake up to say enough is enough. I hear chants of #ReclaimPakistan or #ReclaimYourMosques but will you Pakistan? 

Will you stop hate speech from your mosques, from your television screens, from your streets? will you remove hatred from your hearts?

Update 21 Nov 2020

I wrote this blogpost almost 10 years ago, hoping against hope, unfortunately things have become even worse now, not even safe in our home anymore. A new wave of extreme persecution & hate speech and its result,

I don't see hope for this shameless place anymore, I'm just waiting for Allah's Justice.


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