The Changing Face of Hypocrisy

No one said a word when the target of persecution were Ahmadis. No one cared because they agreed!

They kept quiet or even cheered while mothers mourned their sons and sons buried their fathers. The terrorists went on and started cutting throats and still you kept quiet.

The bitter truth is that you and I are to blame for the current situation in Pakistan. The ones doing all this are from within us.

Why didn't we stop a molvi [cleric] when he preached hatred in his sermon? Why didn't a crowd stop just a few who were beating a man to death?

Once when they caught a vicious murderer and asked him his last wish before death he asked for his mother and when she came he tried to bite her ear off... today these terrorists are biting our ears off.

Persecution, discrimination, cruelty and brutality under any guise cannot be justified. Once the dominoes of persecution start falling, every segment of society eventually falls. The sword wielded in the name of Jihad has taken many an assumed kafirs and now in return Allah's sword of justice awaits slaying the pseudo Muslims.

There are a few sane voices in the crowd and the cowardice seems to have diminished a little and it seems that perhaps, just perhaps, Pakistanis are finally ready to break the shackles of silence. Lets hope that this is not just a temporary outburst.

The massacre in Quetta the second time could have been avoided if those making the noise hadn't just stopped and would have kept the pressure up. We're too consumed to be effected by something for long, it only takes three or four days then its all forgotten and it's business as usual.

Time has now come that we say enough is enough and keep saying it until they listen and have to take actions which ensure peace and security for all.

We must beware of opportunists who are always on the look out to hijack public opinions and reactions for their own gain. Those who stay quiet all the time but suddenly wake up when they see an uprising or hear voices of demands. These are the hypocrites that have done Pakistan the most harm. Watch out for those who use the name of Islam to present and validate such actions and then suddenly change there stance and begin talking about secularism. The want to reap the benefits from both sides. The current Pakistani media is saturated with such individuals no need to point out.

History is filled with pages on how religion was used as a tyrannical force of oppression and how the leaders used skewed teachings to justify their own ambitions and how in turn that lead to a total collapse. If we cant learn anything from history, we can learn this, that whoever dies the dirt needed to cover the grave remains the same.


Sohaib Ahmed said…
Naeem as usual spot on.
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Brilliant read.
Cybegeek said…
Thank you... May Allah open some eyes...

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