A prayer

All praise is for Allah
For He is the one
Who can save u
From the rain
From the lowest depths
From lingering pain

My tears are for u o Allah
For you are the one
Who gave me the test
Of loosing the one
a gem among the rest

My lips will only say your praise
While my heart weeps
While my eyes betray a tear
I see the gift I'm left with
The little angel for me to keep

For I endured all u gave me
With patience and faith
I have stood with head held high
But I am a speck of dust
At the mercy of your wish

Pray be kind for you're all merciful
You're the one who gives plentiful
When we don't even ask
I submit my self o God
For a contented life
For this sweet angel
A never fading smile
That's all I ask


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