The New Idol Worship

How materialistic ambition dictates the human condition is mind boggling. How everyday we are presented sugar coated lies and we relish the ignorance and forbid knowledge & understanding surrendering the will to question.

How they cheer... A fabric of pretty lies to blind them and their masters drip their very souls till the very last of humanity bleeds.

How they suffer and no one sees cause all they want to see is the facade of blissful ignorance which they love cause there is safety in burying their heads in the sand.

How I mourn the plight of my brothers who have no voice and are condemned to a destiny of oblivious slavery to the worship of new idols.

They cannot comprehend the trap which invites them with glitter. All they see is their idols... Whom they worship without question.

Wish they could see beyond the lies... Beyond the facade what hideous faces await to devour their very existence into oblivion... Still they March on.... Consumed by their mindless idol worship.

We dwell in the trivial and value possessions... But forget the actual certainty... The only real certainty of this existence....  Death.

Would you care to examine the impulse which makes you worship the idol of your choice? Is it not your desire which compels you to accept an illusion as reality?

But we don't worship any idols you say? What are those figures you yearn to have or be like, you so love to watch on television? Are they not the new idols of this age?

For some worship the idols within and some the new idols of this age... Never the less the soul dies... Humanity dies and all that's left is greed and wanting.... Craving for more... And the thirst for power.

Do I dwell on the fact that none may want to comprehend... No... For I am a mere warner... a meager messenger...

Sleep well... Enjoy your soulless existence... Beware.... Beware....

Didn't even create a ripple…

To create a ripple in the conscious mind there must be the faculty of comprehension... Alas the destruction of the thinking mind.

Here comes the illusion of comfort.... Sleep


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