Coming to terms with the new realities of life is never easy. For those who need closure and can't get it, this road becomes even more treacherous. For those looking for solace from words it becomes apparent that words can can only at best be a temporary respite.

For true peace of mind can only come from within, from the realisation that this life is just a mere illusion of permanence and nothing lasts for ever. The only truth eternal is death. Those who seek meaning find it in the smallest details and those who love the ignorance cannot see even if the truth stands affront.

Like most of us I was a believer but had no actual experience of the existence of the almighty and wanted something that would bring everything into focus, that realisation came last year.

I have never felt despair like I felt When I was at Sharjah bus terminal where I got the news of the accident of my wife & children back home, for some time I was just numb, didn't know what to do, where to go, couldn't tell anyone and had no shoulder to cry on but then I resigned my fate to the almighty and then I felt the hand of the almighty on every step of my way back as if everything was being done by itself.

I wrote the above cause I want to tell the reader who is in pain for whatever reason that in my ultimate hour of despair the almighty answered my prayers Alhamdolillah and took my hand and so will He do for you ... Never loose hope in the mercy and love of the Almighty. Those who know me personally know that I'm no saint and Allah knows what I am. But for even a person like me Allah made his presence felt.

The prayers love and support I got from people I never knew was overwhelming and that's one of the countless blessings of belonging to a community where humanity survives and pain is shared as brothers.

As I was sitting at Abu Dhabi airport waiting for my flight to Lahore I was on skype with my family but on the other side there  was a continuous stream of messages on twitter & Facebook. These messages were a great source of comfort in a time when everything seemed lost. When I got home the love and affection I got from my MTA team members and how they handled everything in my absence was beyond words.

The messages kept coming, some tried to cheer me up, some shared their own grief and eventually became good friends. Telephone calls from USA Canada Uk and even Jordan. The person calling from Jordon said to me, we both don't know each other but I share your pain cause we believe in the Promised Messiah and his message of love for all and I feel your pain like you're my brother. How can one not be moved and not be in awe of Allah's grace. May all of you find Allah's blessings in everything you do. You all have my life long gratitude & prayers.

I've spent many a nights pondering on whys and what ifs and what could have beens but found only this, that Allah knows what's best for you. Even with your trials and tests and when you feel you cannot go on a day, even when in your heart you're ready to give up, He watches and listens to your prayers and answers in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

Things not known to you come into motion, people you may or may not know become angels in your hour of need. One such person was someone I meet on my way from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi for my return. I had little balance left in my phone due to roaming and my phone was my only lifeline and it was going away fast. 

So I needed to get on the internet to ask people back home to send me more credit in my phone. Someone on the seat in front of me was using the internet on his phone and I pleaded with him if he could share his connection with me just for a few moments but he refused, and as I was struck by total helplessness someone tapped my shoulder from behind and said 'do you need internet?' that kind man, that angel, shared his internet and I asked my relatives for balance moments before the bus reached the Abu Dhabi terminal and he was gone. I don't even know his name, whoever you are, may Allah bless you and your family with endless riches. Ameen.  

All that's needed is faith and not loosing hope. Allah is infinite, his knowledge and power also infinite, we limit our blessings by imposing our own finite limits on what we pray from Allah.

May Allah bless you all who stood with me, prayed for me in my time of need and May Allah alleviate all the pain and suffering from those lives who suffer in any way. May Allah give you peace and happiness and all that you desire.


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