May - The Month of Faithfulness

(A translation of مئ  ماہِ وفا by @khaksaar75  click here to read the original post )

Today another Ahmadi achieved martyrdom. Rekindling the memories of another month of may in my mind.

They not only were pure hearted but were sculpted from the finest soil; and had come to worship their Lord in all tidiness

This was 28 May 2010 a Friday when two of our mosques were attacked by terrorists and nearly 100 of our beloved souls were martyred. I requested to volunteer for the night, my duty was to present water to conveys coming to Rabwah, that had families of the martyrs.I stayed awake all night crying and thinking how would I be able to comfort orphans and widows.

When I left the house in the morning the whole city was in mourning, empty roads, closed shops not even an auto rickshaw. It felt as if there was a funeral at every house.

When I reached Awan-e-Mehmood, I was confronted with unforgettable sights. The convoys had already started reaching since last night. Holding water bottles in my hands I looked around, men, women and children were there but they were all calm and composed.

Till morning we had very few details of the incident. All we knew was that the sacred souls sculpted from the finest soil are on their way to heaven under the leadership of their Ameer Jammat Lahore.We were to assist those who were there working and preparing for funerals & burials. We were supposed to give support and courage to the loved ones and the relatives of the martyrs. But we were confronted with something very unusual and opposite. Whenever I placed my hand on someone's shoulder to console, they looked at me as if they were consoling me and I in turn had to hide my own tears and be secretly ashamed and be in awe of their courage.

I saw a woman praying, a mother who lost her two sons, had both her hands raised. Instead of complaining to the Almighty, she prayed for the sacrifice of her sons to be accepted. This was the condition of everyone there. Silently and with courage they were reciting Darood Sharif and praying. No one was consoling each other nor a sight of women, wailing. Allah knows this is how I witnessed it and not a hint of fiction.

This was Allah's Love and his blessing that every heart was engulfed with His love. When a convoy would arrive we would present chairs and water and be on the look out if someone wanted to say something or needed anything but there, only peaceful silence and prayers.

These people were from different places and backgrounds, they had separate families, they were different in cast or social status but their steadfastness and courage was identical because they were united in their love and devotion under the umbrella of Khilafat.

There would be an announcement after some time with names of the Janazas and relatives  would go and see the faces for the last time, then Jinaza prayers would be offered and then the groom would be taken for his last voyage and the next and the next....

All of this was being done silently calmly. A lot of faith enriching events happened as well. Along with the inhabitants of Rabwah the winds of Rabwah also got to place a fist full of dust. Those who were there can understand what I am referring too.

One event is saved in my memory even now. About a family which was not Ahmadi, their son had embraced Ahmadiyyat some time before, he called home when there was firing going on in the mosque and told them "if something happens to me take me to Rabwah" (I did not know that at that time) a man and two women came in and the man was telling them "dont worry, everything will be done appropriately they know everything" the man went towards the men's side, I offered the ladies chairs and water. One lady was struck by grief immensely, I thought she must be the mother and put my hand on her shoulder, the woman looked at me and said "he was my nephew" and pointed towards the other lady who looked quiet calm "it was her son ... One son one daughter... he was studying to be a doctor..."  I tried to hide my tears and looked at her as she spoke with pride "my son took three bullets in the chest!" it became unbearable for me to stand there...

Today when we are bereaved and the tears don't stop I keep imagining Dr Mehdi Ali's wife and children and the other members of his family sitting quietly with courage and steadfastness. They are consoling those come to console them...

O the ones in power and the mullah who spread hatred and death, you have lost, you have failed, the wives of martyrs and orphans have defeated you! You were failures and defeated in this life and you are destined to be failures in the next as well. You will be mocked and ridiculed in this world, already are and in the next life as well for you have the blood of innocent lives on your hands.

Allah's wrath is upon you which is dividing you to pieces and soon that day will come when you will be crushed and all avenues of penance and absolution would be closed on you, these are the prayers of the one who is loved by the Almighty Allah. This is the voice of the one loved by Allah. Allah's promise that the blood of martyrs would not be wasted, will surely be fulfilled. It is our firm belief that Ahmadiyyat the real Islam will be victorious. You are the real representation of Dajjal, your right eye, the eye of faith is blind, you will be wiped out from this world Inshallah.

Be ready for its your turn
this is how tables turn
we bared all with steadfastness
it will be harder on you, on your turn

A loose translaton of Kalam e Tahir
by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (RA) Fourth Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


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