Soul Searching

The worst part is falling and realising that the pedestal one puts one's self on is way higher than it should be.

Blind emotion cannot be trusted, action based on emotions lead to disregard of boundaries. Which itself is proof enough of its wrongfulness.

It's better to stop when one realises that the path one has taken is the wrong one... Admitting mistakes takes courage but is fruitful, but what off those who got trod upon? Asking forgiveness takes more than courage, it takes character...

So much can happen in so little time, the frenzy the adrenaline rush, the high is enough to blind one's self from the obvious. 

The choice here is simple, either one applies what is taught to him all his life regarding morality, the difference between right and wrong or when the real test of character comes one just ignores everything and indulges.

People give all kinds of reasons for why they choose the wrong path, knowing what it is. It fascinates me that when it comes to judging one's self we become so liberal with our decisions, on the other hand if it was someone else who had committed the same mistake, we wouldn't hesitate from ripping them to shreds.

Our collective accumulation of self is a lens through which we see and judge others, although we say we don't judge but at some fundamental level we do judge. But the clouded assessment of one's self worth due to emotions, distorts our view of others. We tint the colours of what we see to our liking, we skew the light and associate intentions suited to our needs or perceptions.

It is important to have a realisation of self worth which is more in tune with reality. Only when one sees above one's selfish desires and the needs of an inflated ego, a person can start to care for others. A person can be the biggest philanthropist in the world and still be a selfish person inside, his philanthropy becomes a source of boost for his ego. 

That's why we see people posing with bags of flour when giving to the poor, that image of self worth is what their after, not the need to ease someone's suffering.

Regrets can be a good thing, for a person to grow, realising & never forgetting one's mistakes is the key. The hurt that someone cause's another can never be undone. But what is more important is that a lesson is learnt and one ceases from hurting others again and again in the same manner. One does not regret the right decisions but the inevitable pain they may cause others.

People when explaining their actions always say that they had no choice, that the circumstances were such and they went with the flow. Although true to some extent that some times there are very few choices, but at those times we often avoid the hard choice. The very first time the invitation to do wrong presents its self there is a choice, after every indulgence there is a choice to stop. There always is, a choice.

Those who hurt us by their actions, by not becoming them when the same choices are presented to us, we show our characters & in a way defeat them.

Those whose biggest regret is that in some way or other they have caused hurt to others, spend most of their time praying for the happiness and success of those they have hurt. They keep asking for forgiveness from the almighty and hope that they find enough courage to ask forgiveness from those they have wronged as well.


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