The Ootpatang mind of Mr. Finn

First a heads up the following post is in the "Minglish" language and no wild "relative or friend"  was harmed during the writing of this post. Ok.

 Well there are many things happening all around and to tell the truth I don't really want to comment on anything. But. Malala is here and the expected frenzy of the stupids on twitter and real life... Im really glad that she could visit her homeland and not at all amazed at the sheer stupidity of the folks of her homeland ...

There was a time when one could have hope in this place, no more. The decay of this society has taken its toll and now we are left with brainless mush. Gosh I really sound  like a grumpy old man with a Kubb...

So I know this guy who recently got something awarded to him, see the problem is that this guy already has that thing and there were so many others that needed or deserved what was rewarded, and you know how he got it, yes that ... the "chukking" of (Bleep)......... " Tactical Casting... yes that gets you anywhere ... makes you wonder whats the use of good honest work when all the perks are awarded to the Puppo Lakhte Jigger.... Lakin thats not an easy job ... endless Dawats and Ji Ji is just the start.

Don't you love those relatives that only remember you when they are going through their usual "troubling times" and have to unload on you and when god forbid comes a time that you need a sympathetic ear they suddenly remember that they had an appointment in Alaska. I have to come to recognise these "needies" and usually stay clear now... Im sick of their shtick.

Come to think of it, what is genuine now, everything is superficial. We are addicted to that little screen in our hands, addicted to useless information and God I hate those good morning messages ... I mean what the falooda man ... These people have so much wela time in their lives that they sit there every morning looking for that "unique" good morning image, thats been circulating on the internet since the big bang.

Some take it to the extreme ... Good afternoon and Goodnight messages too... Im thinking why not take this to the another practical level like... Have a good dump today, now thats something really useful & satisfying for someone to have or how about ... May you have a good earwax cleaning... perhaps open ear canals would let in some sense. Perhaps we could mix this up with all the crap poetry people put up in whatsapp status updates...

Aaj tumhara din khul ke guzray
jahan jao baitul khala khula milay

kia tamana thi bagh main gudi urain ge
jab bagh gaye "Gudi" ko koyee ura le gya

bari bacahin zindagi hay yehan per
aik umar guzri hay constipation main

Afsoos nahin hay teri bewafai ka 
status se sab pata chalta rehta hay

You get the drift. Then come those whatsapp group doctorate candidates, Microwave se perhaiz kerain iss se apkay gal bladder main khujli ho sakti hay or latest news report about some miracle cure, sonay ke biscuits khanay se badhazmi ho sakti hay and when you try to show them the absurdity of the claims they become offended and take it as an attack on their "intellectchawalism"and close their already depleted logic circuits even more.

Seriously you moron, there is a thing called "GOOGLE" try using it ... I specially love those "friends" who would send me a message at 3:45 at night on how to do something.... and I would literally type that in google and copy paste the result ... What am I your frikin secretary?

In conclusion, I have surrendered to the mediocrity that surrounds me and have decided just to make fun of it. Im done. Since you cannot fight deep embedded stupidity the least one can do is to laugh at its face full force.


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