Make it at home, Save money

The thing is that I see a lot of really cool food joints starting up in our city 

but... Since I know that it costs at least half or even less to make at home... So that's what I do.

Let me break down some estimated prices for you...

Beef cheese burger

  • 10 Bun 150 Rs
  • Minced beef 1 kg 500 Rs for 10 patties
  • 10 Cheese slices 300 Rs
  • 1/2 kg kheera 30 Rs
  • Vinegar for making pickled kheera & piyaz you already have at home
  • 2 piyaz 10 Rs
  • 3-4 Tomatoes you already have at home.
  • Mayo & mustard you already have at home.
  • Salad leaves which grow in my home garden.

1000Rs for 10 🍔

So why on earth would you pay 500 Rs per burger... I can see the appeal of why everyone is suddenly a gourmet burger chef and setting up small businesses which I have nothing against but this overpricing is dishonesty and I cant stand it. 

Yes I know good Beef burgers can cost up to 1000 Rs in Lahore like at "Ministry of Burgers" and others but you have to consider the presentation, the buns, which are specially prepared not Dawn bread, the patties so delicious you think you are in heaven... I'd gladly pay a higher price for that but plz don't kid your self and ullo-fy others if you think you are giving "that"service. You are not.

For what is offered here in this city I would not mind a burger for lets say 200 or 250 Rs even, its still almost double the cost but can easily take care of any overhead costs.


The only thing expensive in pizzas is the cheese and the cost gets less when you buy in bulk so I get 2 kg bricks each of cheese cheddar and mozzarella for about 3500 total once and it can give 4 to 5 family size pizzas and 3 to 4 full lasagnas... 

So if you have the cheese and you are making pizza or lasagna at that moment it only costs the price of chicken and flour or lasagna packs and I buy mushrooms and olives in my groceries already, A can or jar of olives can last for 2 to 3 pizzas.. So one family size pizza like the one you get from Market for around 1600 would cost about 500 Rs max...

And I assure you ghar ki chez humesha ziada mazay ki hoti hay sure it will take you a few times to get your recipe perfect but once you have perfected it really pains you to spend money on something usually mediocre which you can make better at home...

All that talk about food above so naturally I'm eating the leftover pasta at 1:43am which I made for the family for dinner 😋 

My Beef

If you know me a little you would know that I love eating out, there is no place in my city that I am not among the very first customers, and if I like something I give praise wholeheartedly. I appreciate the work done and the craft and have no beef with anyone earning an honest living. 

But the problem with overpricing in my city is not just limited to food its everywhere... the thing you can get for 400 in Lahore suddenly becomes 1500 or above, this is a disease ... sure there are shipping costs blah blah blah but not that high I know and they know they are ripping ppl off... which is shame actually... most goods to my city are delivered by dedicated couriers by the dealers themselves with very little overhead... so yeh kahani ke ja ker lanay ke bhi paisay lagtay hain is bakwas...

The dokkandars know that they have the customer no matter what so if you say the price is too high they can literally say lena hay to lo nahin to aho.... thats the mindset.... even in neighboring city Ive gone to shops and asked them to show rows after rows of clothes to buy and they would do it without a sweat ... try doing that in a shop here... I guess 4 is the limit when he'll ask apnay lena hay ... nahin main yehan apki moti bayhungam monchon ki ziyarat kernay aya tha...

This is perhaps the most chilled out city in the world... lets say you have some electronic thingie you need fixing its a small thing ... maybe 10 mins of honest work... you go to a shop here and its 3:47 pm... the shop owner is sitting there ... makhyan maring... you show him the thingie... says ... aap kal subah aain... nahin main twadi tarah wela baithya waan!!! matlab kaam aya hay karo paisay banao... lakin is lazy tashreef ko kon hilayay.... and this is coming from a person who was once proclaimed the king of lazys...

So I was tweeting and the threads got longer... so long that I decided to make them into a blog... 


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