Wait. let's just breethe.

This summer is the hottest as long as I can remember but tempers run even higher. We see divides being enforced, our biases being re-enforced. I don't want to waste time on arguing on who is wrong or who is right. There are endless arguments & counter arguments and no one is listening to each other. In my opinion, they are all liars (the politicians, the religious gate keepers and anyone who sells faith or hope) and we blindly follow, happy in our preferred echo chambers, but the question which I want to ask is, Is it worth it? Have we learned nothing from history? From logic from knowing how things work? All I know is that, whoever sells hatred is at the wrong side of history.

If we try to look at things objectively we find the real cost of it all, the loss of humanity and civility, the very things that separate us from animals. We act like mindless zombies on both sides of the narrative never asking, who does this narrative actually benefit. We argue among ourselves, with our loved ones, our peers, over these people? Who have never done a single thing to benefit anyone else but themselves.

These are hard times, and harder times are around the corner, what we need now is to learn to reconcile, to listen to each other, cause none of us is able to dig us out from the hole we have dug our selves in, alone. I know at this point it seems like a fool's dream, I am just suggesting what we need to do to get out of this mess. Either we can achieve this or not is another matter.

I feel that, this is the absolute last fork in the history of Pakistan where we have a chance to save our selves and after this, the spiral down oblivion is final. I am not here to give facts or figures, I just want to beg all of you to stop it, stop this trajectory of hatred that will destroy what is left of us.

The two things I'm talking about social media and political or socio-religious narrative are not separate things anymore, this is how we interact with each other now and that's why all of it has become intertwined. Those spewing hatred for others easily find like minded or those who they can control, more so than ever before. It is very easy now to say destructive things to others that can destroy or change their lives from behind the keyboard without any consequence. 

We spend our lives looking for ways to belittle those around us, either via political association or religious or any other but the motive is always self projection and gratification. But are we happy? Are we fulfilled by any of the things that we do to satiate the narcissist within all of us?

I was talking to a friend and I said the usual social media interactions don't give me the dopamine hits that they used to and he said that is because it is hollow and has no substance and deep down we know that, so we need a higher dose, something even more sensational to feel something and this is when we trivialise everything aground us. Any atrocity and the outcry it generates is superficial and dies down as soon as the trend stops showing. We spend time on mediocre issues that have no bearing on our lives, the Amir Liaqauts or some other clowns keep us amused and make us forget the real issues, to hold those in power accountable. We are losing our ability to recognise whats right and wrong and we don't care that it is happening.

Perhaps deep down we all know it is wrong, we know how it is destroying our next generations, by not teaching them critical thinking. This is our biggest failure as parents, as a generation.

So once again I plead with you to please think, all that we say or do, is it worth it? Will the anarchy we ourselves are creating by blindly following and regurgitating the rhetoric of our so called political/religious leaders of any side, is really the right way to go. These people have no interest in alleviating the pain and suffering of anyone, their actions prove it, all of them have been in power one time or the other, so why do we pin ourselves with these people and be used again and again. 


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