What I write about

This is my canvas where I paint with words, it was never intended to be a "text book". These are my thoughts and feelings, a way for me to process things, I have written countless words since forever, on excess, on superficiality on apparent contradictions in what we practice and what we preach. I genuinely believe that in this age our younger generation has lost the ability to do critical thinking. We revel on whats on the surface, our lives a mere projection for others to consume, nothing deep or meaningful, reduced to empty instagram posts in essence, mimicking the same done by others countless times before, we have lost the ability to recognize whats really important, our projection is more important to us than the inner peace that simplicity brings. 

I know these conclusions come with time. Not my business to judge or impose my world view on anyone, thats not the reason of writing these words. I write because there is no other way for me to fathom the decay I see in morality, in life, in values, in relationships and the loss of ability to differentiate the superficial and trivial from whats really important. I may be wrong about everything I write about, but time and time again the world re-enforces my convictions.

At least I have convictions, I have thoughts that are of my own, not borrowed or tailored for clout. Maybe I’m being naive, but this is what I hope for in others. I strongly believe that no one reads words anymore and even if some do, they take away whats on the surface cause we really don't have time to read between the lines to think and eventually have a realization of the utter sadness and pain that motivated those words.

Nobody's perfect. We are all flawed human beings and what I write about is more of a introspection of myself and the world around me than a comment on specific person or group. Whenever I comment about something that in my opinion could be better I use the word "we" indicating that I am not writing about specifics but general tendencies. It is never my intention to belittle or ridicule anyone rather whatever I write always comes from a deep sense of loss of the world view I grew up in. 

I see the world through the prism of values that our elders instilled in us. My elders were kind and loving people, who never did anyone wrong, their advice and wisdom cherished by whoever knew them, thats the source of my convictions and beliefs. 

In this changing world nothing lasts forever, but at least we can try to do something to hold on to the values that make us, what are we without values like regard for elders and decency & common courtesy. I think anyone in the east or west would agree that these are universal. 

I was told why don't you write about good things, of how "wonderful" the world is instead of negativity. Well news flash the world around us is spiraling towards self destruction on every level and I am not that numb not to see it, not to feel what once was beautiful, wither away.  Cause with it a part of my soul withers away too. 


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