I give up

I give up
I'm tired of fighting the odds
I'm tired of hoping
I'm tired of constant defeat
Why fight 
if you're going to loose anyway

like a speck of dust we are
Useless afloat
Devoid of any purpose
Existing cause we can

I'm sick of trying 
When the game is rigged
What if I just stopped playing
What if I just cease to exist
No wrinkle on anyones brow
I'm sure

I want to scream
till my lungs explode
And with those vibrations this
Body turns to dust 
Perhaps then this solitary will end

Don't pretend to ask
I know you don't care really
You relish someone else's suffering
Makes you feel good about yourself

Let me be stuck 
In this black hole
Where life is sucked out of you
With every breath

I'm tired 
I'm Broken


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