Experiment lost

I've been doing an experiment for last week or so and all I can tell you is that I blew it! muhahahaha!…. to be fair the test subject I choose for this was no average person…

All I wanted was a decent fun dialogue… but I guess Im that boring… no wonder!

and all this sports stuff drives me mad I mean first it was cricket t20 something and Now football I mean come on yaar I know its the world cup but what are you so fraked up about. Pakistan doesn't even have its own team … sigh!

Also I want to point out the sheer hypocrisy… I mean more then 40 people died last night in the attack on datta and all you can think of is the fraking football… shame on you as a nation… 

I just turned on Geo and there they were … the thumkas! as nothing happened… and an Indian movie on another channel …

and then your naive enough to ask why this Azab on our country.

I tell you why cause you don't care and wont care until it will come to your door step!

Your a dead Nation… the real experiment lost.


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