One Pakistan One Nation – Voice of the true Pakistani…

We made this country along with others who were fighting for freedom. It aches my heart to see what it has become. But I don't blame the country… I blame its people who made a mockery of the sacrifices their elders made.

Still there are some who want it restored to its intended glory. Here is manifesto of one such group of people
  • We stand for a peaceful, moderate, and liberal Pakistan, with social justice, and equal opportunities. A country with gender equality are ingrained values;  where class structure does not flourish on the basis of economic imbalance;  where quality education is for all not for few privileged, where health and other civic amenities are delivered at people’s doorsteps, where common person has freedom to information, organization, expression.
  • We want to work for a Pakistan which stands against all forms of violence, abuse, and injustice to everyone; where people are conscientious citizens of a welfare state, very well placed in time and space, well trained to play their part in developing their society.
  • A country where basic rights of all living beings are respected.  We stand to fight for a Pakistan where no discrimination takes place against any section of society. 
  • We strive for a Pakistan where extremism and violence does not exist, and no idea or belief is forced upon another.
I like these people … we need more like them.
They have recently started The National Anthem Project to promote the above.
Here is their Oath

We need tolerance irrespective of Race and religion. Our National Anthem is the Symbol of what our forefathers set out to achieve. In a time where nothing is certain any more the only option left for us to strive for National Unity and I think its a great attempt. So here is my National Anthem. Where is yours?


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