Why not write about the things I love

So I was thinking why not write about the things I love instead of what I hate, so heres my 1st try. Remember its something new to me :D so It may end up like all of the other posts, so be warned!

Well the thing I love the most is science ... why? because it tells you the true nature of things it doesn't lie or has other intentions, its plain and simple facts, sometimes brutal and rough I know but still there is no silver lining or an agenda.

So most of the other things that I love or like stem from science, like science fiction. I believe that by imagining the future we make it happen, for example when Gene Roddenberry first made start trek most of the technology shown in the program was there just as gimmick and no thought was put into it that it had roots in actual science but here we are almost 40 years later and most of the things imagined in the program are in our daily use now. The talking computer, mobile fones, hand held computers, tablets, needle less syringes, all sorts of medical scanning devices and the list goes on and on ...

My point is that contrary to popular belief (here in pakistan anyway) science fiction plays a major role in the development of actual science. I was reading somewhere that most of the astronauts in the NASA's shuttle program were influenced in one way or another by Star trek and the Name Enterprise of the space shuttle is its biggest acknowledgment.

Star trek had a profound impact on me, like my love for computers. In my school and in my home I had desktops, where I made all kinds of buttons and shapes like the touch screen helm console of the enterprise and I would pretend that I was flying the ship for hours... that desktop even had a hand recognition thingy... and it was all touch screen off course

In the sixth class me and my buddy Mamoon Rahseed were known as Science Daan (geeks) Mamoon was more into digging up stuff and making chemistry things at the time... When Mamoon left I found my other (geek) friends Hidayatullah Ahsen and Rehan both were nuts about computers ...

When we learned about fission and fusion reactions I once asked my teacher what would happen if we blasted a nuclear device and has a shield like structure in our ship in space sufficiently powerful enough to protect from the explosion, wouldn't  that explosion propel the ship at a very high speed? and the look on his face was priceless... but to his credit he didnt discourage me and instead told me that my knowledge of the forces involved were too little to understand such things and if I was interesred I could study that in higher classes.

One other thing that I used to imagine and actually draw were magnetic trains... the concept of it anyway and it was to my surprise and great delight when I learned of the first Maglev trains.

So in my mind I was always thinking about things, how to make them how to take apart. Knowing how stuff worked and how the universe worked, and that knowledge came to me from Carl Sagan's Cosmos. I loved that program and still do. It presented the universe for everyone to see and he explained things so easy to comprehend. I owe you Mr. Sagan for the love I have for science and the Cosmos may you have high place in heaven.

When I was young I wasn't that much interested in religion really but then came MTA International into our lives in the mid 90s which changed everything for me as far as my thoughts for religion were concerned and the two things I loved about MTA were the Questions Answer Sessions and the Mulaqat Programs... All sorts of topics were discussed and I was swept away by the personality of the man we so loved and love and in the late 90s the greatest book of its age Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth was unleashed to the world. I waited a year for that book cause it wasn't available here in Pakistan and when I finally had it in my hands I relished every page, enjoyed every moment and went on a journey which lead me to  greater understanding of everything...

Before that I placed science and religion on separate pedestals but through that book I learned that they are actually two faces of the same coin... which was an epiphany...

Since I was already into space and stuff, so when the Satellite Systems came to pakistan my interest in them was natural. I can still remember that night when me and Poppy Bhai at the top level of house were planning how to convince my dad to get a dish antenna, which we finally managed to do so ... it was great fun since it was new technology and most of the channels were not encrypted. Two channels that I must mention were The World Net and the Discovery Channel and both these channels were amazing then, true scientific programs not the crap they show now. Why I mention WNet? cause on it aired a program called the Computer Chronicles and in it I saw for the first time Non Linear Editing being done in Adobe Premiere... which sparked my curiosity for video editing... in 94...

and thats the software I still use to edit things for MTA!

Speaking of MTA I believe that Allah Almighty always intended me to go there... why do I say that? because of the type of the training I got when I was younger... for example in the 3rd or 4th grade Me and my cousins used to make Audio Dramas which required audio editing skills, sound mixing, mic handling all sorts of inputs and outputs and we did it all by our selves and when I got my first computer in 1988 the Commodore 64 all I wanted to do was to make graphics in it and save it on the VCR....

So here I am with all kinds of knowledge and experience crammed into this head of mine and with a great desire to share what I have learned...


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