Fun Times

One day in the sixth or seventh grade I came back from school and got straight to bed. The fun began when I woke up. I totally forgot about my day and thought it was morning again and My dad had real fun with that he started saying you better get ready for school and have breakfast and I was like hey I went to bed in my uniform and I wont have to put it on again... ;) so about 1/2 an hour later I realized that I had been had... when Dad turned on the television.

My dad was a fun loving man and most of the events I remember of my childhood when I went somewhere for a picnic or something were all arranged by him and mostly paid for by him as well. He loved to see his family having fun.

One time we went to the river side. We had all kinds of Bar BQ stuff with us and we were 16-18 people all stuck in our volvo station wagon, we would just turn the seats down and all of us would go in... anyway when we started up our BarBQ there the aroma started to spread. There were a bunch of guyz playing cricket there and we decided to bug them a little ... so one by one we would grab a loaded cooked barbq stick and started circling these guyz playing cricked... Finally one of them came over and said ... hey we will let you play with us if you share your BarBQ ....

I loved that car... Volvo which looked kinda like this....

The one we had was blue and was left hand drive. We had so much fun in that car. We would go to the river or the Canal (yakko wali nehar). I learned how to drive in that car. I learned how to drive in 8th grade my Dad would take me to this ground (ghor dor ka maidan) and I was so small that I had to put extra cushions to see properly over the dash board. It was great fun. I used to beg my Dad to take me to the ground... When my brothers got married, it had been weeks that he had taken me to the ground and I was begging him to take me but he was busy with the guests... so I got mad and grabbed the keys and took the car out and went off into the city... it was great fun ... and I was sure that when I got back I was gonna get it from my dad. When I got back dad took the keys from me and went on and inspected the car from every angle... No scratches!!! he came back to me and I was getting ready .... and he said take these keys and go drop your Phupho at her home and I was like speechless...

He was a great guy...
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