Lack of children's programs on Pakistani TV Channels

For a generation to succeed it must be nurtured by the previous generation. The growing mind of a child which is constantly learning needs stimulation in order to get that mind to think in the right direction and pave the way to knowledge and better understanding.

As I remember my childhood, even though there was only one tv channel then PTV, the thing which stands out is that there was a genuine effort to educate as well as entertain. Perhaps one of the reasons for that is that profit was not the aim. I remember lots of programs that I watched that have shaped the way I think, the way I view the world. Programs which explained the world to me, opened the doors to science and technology, to rationality and looking at the world differently.

Much has gone bad since then ... there are virtually no educational programs left on any channel ... one might argue there is the Discovery Channel or National Geographic sure these resources are there and a few are willing to learn ... but the scope and focus of these channels has also shifted to entertainment or infotainment most of the programs on these channels don't have any concrete scientific knowledge for example all the piercing or the car body or bike reconditioning programs what scientific value or discovery they have...

There is an overall decrease in children or even adults interest in science.  Knowing how to work a computer or a mobile fone is not indicative of the overall dumbing down of society. We as a society have lost our will to learn new things, to invent and to ponder. Which is the reason of many of our other problems as well, needless to say when a nation neglects to nurture its youth, it is forgotten instead.

I dont watch Pakistani TV anymore and whenever I happen to watch I am left with an almost nauseating alienation ... what is being taught to our children. We are robbing our children of their childhood. My heart aches when I hear some words from a child's mouth which are surely not his but some idiot and immature writers attempt at writing drama and I loath those directors and channels which see no harm in totally destroying the very fabric of our society in the name of openness or modernization. Openness and modernization is always achieved through education not by glamorizing the very essence of profanity.

I was watching a show on Dawn which was the state of drama in Pakistan and in it the actor Shakeel said a very profound thing he said sure we are making all kinds of dramas and telling all kinds of stories but at what cost?


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