Mooda is Leaving

Mooda says I am leaving. He is determined to leave Pakistan at whatever cost. I asked him what will you do and he says ... bathroom saf ker laan ga but will not live in this country any more. What provoked this sudden change of heart I asked and he said in his typical style ... Yaar Naeem Bhai eithay kuj nahin rakhya hun ... sab tabah ho gya aey ... Kam koyee hay nahin .. machinan band piyan nain loki dokana khol ke behtay nay per kam nahin kuinke bijli nahin....

The same Mooda only a few months ago said he would never leave Pakistan ever... then asked he said there are plenty of opportunities here and if one worked hard he could make a life for him self.

Once I asked him Mooday tuun baher kuin nahin challa janada he said Pakistan mera mulk aey asi bari qurbaniyan dityan ne ainoo banan astay agar sab parhay likhay log chad kle challay gaye te fer aida ki banay gaa. Mooda was doing his PhD in physics at that time.

I wonder how many Moodas are left in this country now ... as for this one, he got his visa for UK a few days ago and is very happy. I wonder what will happen when all of them are gone.

Its a pity that the people of the country neglected all that its founder envisioned for it and followed the ones who always opposed its creation and then became the champions of its cause, the Mullahs.

Its a pity that even after more than 60 years the subjects of this country could not learn a simple lesson while the events gave them ample opportunity. They still follow the murderers the looters and lift them up on their shoulders.

One can only weep at the slow and inevitable demise. Can anyone stop this momentum now? I don't see it happening... all those who have had and are posing as saviours of Pakistan, they have aligned themselves with the Mullah in some way or the other and the Mullah is the root cause of every thing that went wrong in Pakistan.

In a nation where murderers have state patronage and are allocated lands for their patriotic services, I guess the right move is to leave and save yourself. What chance do minorities and the persecuted have in a system where the majority live inferior lives than dogs in the west.


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