I have learned from experience over and over again that people cannot be trusted. When I first heard trust no one on x-files I didn't know that eventually it would become my motto too.

What amazes me is how easily everyone else around me seem to trust total strangers. Maybe I was destined to be a loner. I definitely didn't plan on it.

And then come those people who want something from you always, the moment their need is satisfied your history bro.

And there are those who always manage to find fault in every thing someone does I imagine thats partially because of their inability to achieve what u have.

And then there are those who just do anything for glory wah wah and balay balay. In my life I've rarely seen people who were genuine and wanted to do something just because it was needed.

People assume everyone to be like themselves and read motives and aspirations which may not exist.

I'm sick of people. People despise, say hateful words, deceive and manipulate, lie, cheat and are selfish.

Sometimes I just have enough and want to say to the faces of these people what I think they are.

But I doubt that would make a bit of difference cause if they could be aware of their inner filth they would have tried to mend their ways long ago.

Does that make me a hypocrite maybe. But at least I question my self now and then...


Matt said…
Do you not realize you are one of the people.
Cybegeek said…
unfortunately yes I do realize that and thats where the similarity ends

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