Selective Morality

After witnessing the horrors of what's happening in Gaza, the sentiment I hear over and over again from the youth of Pakistan is that we need another Hitler. I felt really disturbed by this cause it shows the total disconnect our youth and society has from the ideas and concepts of true Islam, which is peace for all. Which can clearly be seen in full demonstration at the time of Fatah Makkah, when all were pardoned regardless of their crimes.

We hear the word "Holocaust" used over & over again, sometimes to play the politics of victimization by the aggressor, but regardless that does not diminish the pain, the horror of death and brutality & utter inhumaneness of the actions. It also does not justify doing the same to others. But to rationalize murder and hatred to cover up our own inadequacy in dealing with our enemies  is cowardice to the highest degree. 

I don't care about the details of whether it happened or not or if the accounts were exaggerated. The very concept of men killing other men with impunity solely on the basis of race or religion is horrifying to me.

The problem is that we are brought up in a society in Pakistan where the solution to every problem is an ad-hoc measure, a short-cut, this is because we as a society lack the maturity to look for long term solutions and lack the comprehension to take actions that are essentially for the greater good.

The Muslim Ummah after searching for answers for its decline have come to the wrong conclusion that the problems can be fixed by adhering to a twisted concept of jihad. This concept when devoid of a central leadership and with the vested interest of the pro jihadist mullah have resulted in further decline. Groups and splinters groups of misguided youth play into the hands of those who have nothing to with Islam and it's teachings. The very word Islam means peace that shows how wrong they are. They use the frustration of the youth who have no deeper sense of the issues at stake, to indoctrinate the their own agendas. 

You can't justify death and destruction in any context. What Hitler did was wrong and inhuman and so is what is happening  in Gaza right now. But the solution cannot be more death and destruction on both sides. What conflict in the world has ever been resolved by war? Then there is another side of the story where Muslims retaliate fully knowing the response will be overwhelming, but they see loss of life of women and children inferior to the need to reply in a show of defiance. I understand the emotion, it is within all of us, but the results are always more bloodshed & nothing achieved.

If you have an enemy which is more powerful than you, you take steps to strengthen yourself, but not by becoming warlike, you strengthen yourself by embracing education, by generating leadership which can take difficult decisions. 

The reality is, that the world leadership has stayed quiet and have always let Israel have it's way. From the United Nations to the OIC. The obvious reason is that Muslim countries don't really have any weight in this equation. Seeing that, those who have agendas other than Islam's best interests at heart like the TTP or the ISIS manipulate emotions to gather recruits and use them to amass more power and killing other Muslims in the process. Makes one wonder why the targets of these organisations are always other Muslims.

Then comes the selective morality. A typical brain washed youth would condemn what is happening in Gaza and will chant slogans of death to Israel but the same person has no qualms holding a Shia, Christian or an Ahmadi liable for death.

Even those considered liberals in the society, deep down at the core adhere to doctrines which have inherent extremist ideas without even realising it. In a society where it is not okay to question, to investigate is discouraged and the youth learn from a very young age how to persecute.

The solution is education, not the degrees but an education which instils values, strengthens character and teaches humanity. Unfortunately the current education system guarantees the opposite and we have a large number of youth with no idea of morals, in the hands of trigger happy mullah and other segments of society political or other, who have aligned themselves with the ideologies of the extremists elements of society.

The real learned scholars of the Muslim world must take steps to distance themselves from the extremists elements and towards educating the youth to a larger awareness, that is the only way to stop the unrest within & to stop the hands of the enemies.


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