Retrospect. Introspect.

How can you go about censuring others when you might be guilty of the same.  How quickly we become the Judge and the executioners.

A mystic once said, that nothing ever had him dumbfounded but a woman who had a tray in her hands, it was covered with a cloth. He asked her what was in it and she said, why would I have covered it if I wanted this to be known? That was an epiphany which made the mystic really ashamed. This is not just a saying, its a lesson of a life time, that if something is hidden, or you come to know about a wrong doing, don't try to uncover or spread it to others.

Don't try to look under the masks we all wear, even if you are certain that the there is something dreadful. If someone has respected you this much that he has presented his best face to you, the least we can do is to accept it.

Everyone has demons in their closets which they hide from even themselves. May Allah keep concealing our sins in this world & the next, for if we knew about each other, we would not even come to give a shoulder at a brother's funeral.

Allah keeps concealing for us but He does not have to, He has no pact with us to do that, so when we do come across something, its best not to talk about it, for it may bring sorrow & disgrace, what will we answer on the day of judgement when Allah asks us that when He had concealed, why did you uncover?


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