The Obituary of Sanity

Future generations will surely look at this time and wonder what was the reason behind the missed opportunity. Why did the humans of this time squander and plunder every natural resource they could find. Why didn't they realise that by poisoning the earth they were in fact poising themselves. Why with all the freedom to build, to nurture, we choose war & destruction. I certainly don't have all the answers and I sincerely believe that no one else has either, if we had, human kind would have long changed its ways.

What a wasted opportunity though, all that intellect and potential serving only petty desires of wealth and conquest. Look around you, every act of suffering inflicted on another human being is by a human being. Every injustice, every atrocity, every act of insane violence, is self inflicted as if the human kind is hell bent on self annihilation.

The divide has never been clearer. Every corner of the earth, walls are being erected. Walls of intolerance, of hatred of simply not willing to understand someone else's point of view. Every generation blames the previous one but does not stop spiralling down into the abyss. They could stop though. We could stop. We can stop. Stop hatred from spreading, stop the injustice we see right in front of us, stop the persecution of the weak, of the marginalised. 

Now that we hear the war drums in our backyard, sane people of the world must intervene, war has never solved any conflict and it never will.  Common wisdom talks about a global awakening, is this our awakening where we destroy each other with all our might?

At this juncture I often come to the conclusion that its too late, the madness has consumed human kind completely, perhaps these words will survive, to the future generations I say this, there were voices that tried to tell them that the path they were taking was of self destruction, but these cries were too little and too weak and were ignored by the ones that had power. The hate mongers of the world are strong, they have the might of the masses and the cover of popular dogma. There is perhaps no way to cut through the haze of misinformation and prejudice indoctrinated into generation upon generation.

Unfortunately the ones with intellect were complacent in not letting the hate mongers rise. This was our biggest failure as a civilisation. We did not stop hatred when it was just a nuisance, we let it grow, we did not stop it spreading its wings, when the first sermons of hatred were delivered from the pulpits, we did not stop it when the first drop of blood, shed in the name of creed, religion or dogma hit the ground and we did not stop it when we heard the battle cries of the insane and gave them the reigns of our future.

The question is, should one hope or just wait for the inevitable. Life with all is its questions, inseparable pain with happiness, always poses this dilemma, but for those who ponder the realisation comes as an epiphany that the point of it all is not the goal but the paths unraveled. With that in mind one must never loose hope and keep on striving, for whats at the end does not matter.

Perhaps our self annihilation as a species is just around the corner but what must survive is the wisdom that this age accumulated & the knowledge of mistakes made, that brought us to this point. Perhaps some distant survivors will rediscover this from the rubble and decide not to repeat these mistakes.


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