Memories of Pindi/Islamabad

There was a workshop near Faizabad Pindi it was my uncle's I would just hang around watching mechanics working on the cars and me working on that 386 computer, I used to love the place where they would do the wheel balancing cause it had stairs going underground... It felt mysterious. 

Now that I think of it, this wasn't probably a good place for a child with all the machines and stuff... But I loved it... Specially the really really old cars that were there for ages and the smell of petrol mixed with different oils.

My cousin used to throw bricks on one of them to show how strong the metal was... He would say ajkal to ghee ke dabay ke teen se bodies banatay hain, saath taik laga lo to chib par jata hay 

They had a few foxys but the yellow one was my fav, it had that modified race car steering wheel... And man that sound system with the graphic eq uff... The sound in a foxy surrounds you due to the round shape of the roof... and since the engine is at the back anyway no engine noise.

I really wish to have one just for fun one of these days... Abhi to Suzuki sabandani per hi guzara hay aur jis tarah se prices ho gaye hain I don't see anything else for now...  For those who may not know, Foxy is what we used to call the Volkswagen Beetle otherwise known as the Daddo Car.

Foxy se yaad aya satellite town pindi main kaheen aik burger wala hota tha jahan se pehli dafa beef cheese burger khaya tha... I swear no burger has topped that ever... Uski to cheese ka slice itna Mota tha uff or grilled beef patty simple piyaz aur tamater nothing else lakin uff 

We would sneak out to the workshop when it was closed and get the keys to the Pajeros or any other "expensive" car that was there to be fixed lol and then it was Islamabad's roads and us... 

This one time we were driving in Isb and this police guy pulled us over... My cousin just remembered that he had the kid's mobile fone toy, the big mobile phone with the antenna sticking out with us, he grabbed it and started fake calling his "big shot" Dad and the poor police man just let us go... Mobiles had just arrived in pak and only a few ppl had them back then... I still laugh at the confidence with which he made the call lol.

Lots of fond memories of my childhood and youth connected with Rawalpindi and Islamabad, like this one time me and my friend D2 mistook a mannequin for a lady at Jinnah Super and then hilarity ensued 😉 There were many other "innocent" adventures lol like that one time when "someone" thought I was someone else... suffice to say much fun was had... 

Recently visited ISB after a long time, some of our hosts were showing it to me like it was my first time... like Yeh dekhain batian... aap ney kahan dekhi hongi pehlay...  and I was like kid I was here before you were even born... 

That workshop and the house of my uncle's may still be there but the owners have changed... To me it is an unforgettable part of my childhood, the time spent there is precious and vivid in my mind. I know it has value for me alone... Kisi ko kia lagay... But I miss those people, those times and faces.

All of it is gone... Just a memory now... I wonder if my cousin and his family who moved abroad years ago would have the same longing to go back.. To revisit... They have moved on to far greater places... perhaps they too look back with fondness, sometimes...  But I'm stuck here... becoming a relic myself, only good enough for a session or two of nostalgia induced reminiscing and then fading when that need is over.

Will write more...


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