The Story of the One and the Other…


In between one and the other there resided an "us" once. It was beautiful as day light and bright as sunshine. It was bliss on earth . The "us" took for granted that word "LOVE" and fell into the trap that love really is…

Love what a futile exercise if there ever was one. It consumed them and then the one realized that there was no "us" anymore ... just One and the other. Its like One never knew the other, two strangers confined to a perpetual darkness. Who knows who forgot first the one or the other. The sunshine turned to darkness and the suffering began. The one suffered in silence. Betrayed ,abused and rejected by the other… 

Still the one couldn't hate the other…
How could one forget.

Why do we forget and get tangled in an unending cycle of agony. How can it be. How can the other be so cruel. How can the other destroy the very thing he wanted to build. One blames the other ... the other blames the one... keeps going on and on drifting the "us" apart. Then comes a day when the caring stops. Loving stops.

The I in one wants to die... Some parts of him are dead already... Some die every day. Still the other doesn't realize how bad the one is hurt. That by every move the other is crushing the one’s soul.

Still the one cant stop wanting the other

Will this ever end...

How can this end when the other doesn't love the one anymore...

How can this end when the one wont stop loving the other…

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