Thoughts on why Mullas hate Ahamdis so much

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The really twisted thing is that they (mainstream muslims) want everything that Jamaat Ahmadiyya offers in terms of uniting the Umaah but still won't accept Ahmadiyyat. 

The mullah doesn't let them do it cause doing that means that they will have to leave their monopoly on everything religious.

The mullah don't let the common man learn Islam for themselves cause that way the mullah holds power over every aspect of their daily lives. Let's take a child's birth as an example. The parents will wait hours for a mullah to come and give a simple Azaan cause they don't know how.

This arrangement suits the individual as well, cause do whatever u want and the mullah will take care of forgiveness is an easy deal isn't it?

Jamaat Ahmadiyya teaches to have a strong connection with Allah under the leadership of one Imaam the Caliph. Emphasis is on learning & bettering ones self. 

Mullah on the other hand discourage free thinking & asking questions as if Deen was copyrighted to the mullah only.

The business that is Molana's Islam relies on the ignorance & decadence of the masses.  Ahmadiyyat is rationality, its logic, it has answers.

Islam is beautiful with its underlying principles, there is pure logic to everything, the complexities we witness are man made interpretations. 

But the mullah won't tell u that & won't let you learn and experience the high that one gets with the realisation of a true and living God.

The Ahmadi way is hard to follow cause at its core it does away with many rooted interpretations & invites to return to the source Quran & Sunna and Ahadith.

This challenges mullah's rule and business cause what they do has nothing with Islam that the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught us.

Thus the indoctrination of generations continues, seemingly educated people still adhere to it cause they follow the form but don't understand the ideology. 

Even if Ahmadiyyat was false, still the claim warrants investigation & decisions based on observation not blind submission to mullah


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