Dogmatic World

My recent experience has taught me the lesson again that this is a strange dogmatic world we live in, where you can trust no one and appearances are always deceptive. People are conditioned to do certain things even if they are wrong and lies don’t matter so far as they serve you best. You have no where to go except join in. Do the things that you your self despise... Lie, Cheat, do whatever suits you to achieve your goal.

Nobody stops to think the real purpose. The purpose of life. Was is so petty?.. I think NOT. Who has time for thinking these days ... so consumed in one’s self governed wish list. Everything has to be sugar coated or forced on us by the media. We have no choice now. No saying what governs the world. Its just some need here and some need there and then some need that not even existed a few moments ago but was created to satisfy someone else’s need for you to need something that he wants you to need.

So sick and tired of living in a world where people have forgotten how to ask a question. Where people will accept anything even if its the worst but if its a fashion or forced on to us by media then we just accept it as the new default.

So where does this road end .... I see mindless Zombies every where. Doing some bidding that their master requires of them. What happened to free spirit of man what happened to the need to explore ... the yearning to learn more to see more to understand.

We are now content .... maybe cause now we realize that ignorance is bliss.

Is it ?


Muhammad Riyaz said…

Nice blog. Keep writing. I guess I will keep a regular watch.

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