I had a simple childhood. There were parents. Family. Friends. Life was simple. Then I grew up and saw people vanish from my life ... One by one all gone. Not that I’m alone now but what I am talking about is that one by one everything I knew that made my life…was my life.... changed. Parents died family & close friends scattered all over the globe.

What is permanence then ... just an idea....?

Everything that we have … we feel a false sense of permanence for it... we hurt our loved ones as though they may be there when we will apologize. We do selfish acts to satisfy our selves and neglect the needs of others.

Life can teach a lot of things to a person but it comes at a cost. The cost of lost time, The cost of lost loved ones that we don’t even realize that we love till they are no more.

Some of us try to hold on to the past to the memories that we have, but it becomes harder and harder to live with them since the further we go in time the memory becomes more dreamlike and sweet. At some point one must wonder what he has gained from holding on to the past.

If you hold on then you can’t live on.... and if you let go... you loose a part of your self. It’s a battle some can’t win or lose so the struggle goes on and on. So the only thing permanent in a person’s life is the constant struggle between memories and realities.


Riz.. said…
Bossie u know what. I absolutely agree with u, I most of the times say to u that we both had almost same experiences and even though i dont gaurantee u that i can fully understand the story behind such desperation but still the truth is truth even if it tastes really bad. It is a truth that u're saying and we have to admit. A man after making a mistake is really hanging in a balance. Neither he can left his past nor he can move forward in life. So he remains kind of almost hunged up. The best way outta it is simple but almost impossible. Dont make mistakes in life coz' u cant turn things back to normal no matter what u try.

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