Trying to write a story ... cant go on I'm Stuck...

The Prelude

There are times when the eagle too is afraid of flying... when the fish fear the water and the sun is afraid of its own light....

This was one of those times in my life... I woke up to a dark room, heavy curtains stopping the light coming from the large windows. I realized that my head was aching like hell. Suddenly the telephone rang and I got out of the bed to answer it... Some Dark voice from a distance said : Hello ... Gregory ! I see that you’re awake ... now... Who is this? I said. Ohhh ... that is not relevant at this moment... what is more important is that do you know who u are...

I... I .... and it dawned on me.... who Am I .... I didn't remember...

See you soon Greg the voice said in a mysterious manner... and the phone hung up.

Who was I ... I didn’t know... where was I? ... Now I started to look around. Every thing was unfamiliar. It was a small room the windows were larger then usual I pushed the curtain and looked out side and what I saw I'll never forget for the rest of my life...

The Act Starts

Sandra! What you've been up to this time... cried Mrs. Tyler.. Nothing mom I'm just looking at these birds... the cage was in front of her on the table... Something is not right... they’re so quiet. She said looking at her birds with grave concern. The birds were frightened hiding behind each other ... like they knew what was about to unfold in the future....

At that moment Maxim entered the kitchen... Hi Max... what’s up .... Nothing much sandy he replied ... all the lab animals are acting very strange. There just so quiet... Them too! Sandra was thinking...


It been too long he thought. It must be the weather hampering communications. Must have contact or the all the time spent in planning for that exact moment would be lost forever. He went on checking the panel in front of him for some sign. A faint voice… called his name for his relief. Smith are you there? I am here, what’s the progress report?
Everything is good to go … The primary objective has been achieved! … He remembers nothing we are watching him! Ok. Don’t loose him this time.

All the preparation the planning and hard work was finally about to payoff and he was brimming with excitement. What always was his dream was about to unfold and he was all too eager to see to it that every thing went according to his plan. He was a tall man and had blonde hair just like those movie stars and now he was about to star in his own personal block buster.

I was outside that tall building and was leaning over the beautiful woman that I saw shot from the apartment window. She was still breathing… the bullet barely missed her and she was bleeding from her right thigh. As she came about she looked at me with a gaze of horror and then … she remembered something … Greg ! take me inside … she knew me!
Do you know who I am ? yes… take me inside.

We were back in that room I woke up in … now that it was familiar to me it was kind of nice and warm and reminded me of some place .. a warm place where there was peace and tranquility but I couldn’t just bring those thoughts out…

She was sleeping … I didn’t question her about anything and decided to wait for the morning.

It was a jet plane that crashed into a small cargo plane and burst into flames the worker on the runway was telling another. Hawk just got there when he heard on the news that there was an accident. He a war veteran pilot himself knew very well that Richie could never make such a mistake and he remembered the phone call the earlier night when rich asked him to fly there to see him urgently and hung up. There was something not right about this and he intended to find out what.

One odd thing was that the plane was completely inscinerated very little debree left one could imagine some debree … but it was like everything had been cleaned up which was unsual case normaly there would be investigations bofore anything like that could happen.
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