Some Questions that Boggle my Mind

For ages a simple question has pondered man's mind and so it has mine as well.

Why ?

perhaps the question is unnecessary since God Himself as already given the answer in so many of his books and revelations to His profits.

But Man is Neive and somewhat ignorent and so much in the notion that his entity as an individual matters. what troubles me is the question. In the grand scheme of things of which I may be an insginificant spec do My existance and the conciousness that Makes me an unique indivisual matters.

If not... since what ever I am and whatever I see around me is a reallity is in my mind seen through my eyes and may be totally diffrent from what someone else sees or what actually is .... then whatever there is that I see is my reality that is a reflection of how I see the world. Is mans existance as an unique one just some misconception ...

what is the place of man in Gods scheme of things.


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