Worthless words. Words have no meaning. My question as always, why? Even tired of asking, maybe I should just give up.

My lament is my own
To find a way home
The journey I take alone
Battered betrayed all hope gone

This empty life worthless
Even death alludes merciless
Yearning to be held
Longing tenderness

you close you eyes as I burn
might as well stake the heart
Ashes of whats left drift away
Taking us even further apart

I can see it when you deceive
The more I see the more I believe
in a dark world and its cruelty
with lies deceit and no loyalty

letting you have your way
to wound me over and over again
though you dont love me anymore
at least a reason for you to stay


This is so sad. :(
Cybegeek said…
Truths are
Sarah Rahman said…
Well-written, Naeem! And it's a pleasure getting connected with a fellow poet :)

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